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Siberian Cedar Resin, Turpentine and Cedarwood Ozone Skin Food

Siberian Cedar Resin, Turpentine and Cedarwood Ozone Skin Food


Our life and business has been inspired so much by the Ringing Cedars Series of Russia that we decided to make a skin food with Siberian Pine Resin dissolved in organic sunflower oil, then infused into a rich skin food recipe with ozonated hemp and jojoba oils, hemp seed butter and organic pine (turpentine) and cedarwood essential oils. The resulting skin food is incredibly soft, cleansing & nourishing for your skin.

The Ringing Cedars Series of Russia is a set of books that was begun being written in 1995 by Vladimir Megre.
They set off a worldwide movement connecting people with themselves, the Earth...and their spiritual purposes for their current incarnations.

So much of our life and knowledge about plants and spirituality has been changed in new, amazing ways because of these books and Anastasia.
We've made this blend as a sacred mixture of different plant properties in honor of the Siberian Cedar (or what we call Pine here in America)...Anastasia, Vladimir...and all the beautiful work they've done here.

Pine resin and oils have been used for centuries for their healing properties. We've decided to blend the power of Pine with the power of Ozone into this amazing recipe to share!

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