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Sensitivity Blend Arginine Remineralizing Tooth Polish

Sensitivity Blend Arginine Remineralizing Tooth Polish


We made a Sensitivity Blend of our Remineralizing Tooth Polish! The ingredients include Calcium Bentonite Clay, di calcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, L-arginine powder & Trace minerals.

New studies have shown that, when combined with calcium, Arginine has been clinically proven effective in reducing caries and treating dental sensitivity. New research from the University of Michigan suggests that it also may break down dental plaque. This could potentially help millions of people avoid dental decay and gum disease.

Our saliva contains alkali-generating bacteria. Arginine was discovered to be the key substrate in saliva that these pH-raising bacteria metabolize to produce base (i.e. alkali). Balancing the pH in our mouths is key to remineralizing.

L-Arginine can also be requested in any of our other toothcare products! :)

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