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Remineralizing Sunflower Mint Tooth Oil

Remineralizing Sunflower Mint Tooth Oil


Our tooth oils have been so popular that we've decided to begin creating them out of most of our ozonated oils.

Sunflower has one of the highest ozone contents when compared to our other oils, so this tooth oil will be one of our strongest in scent and taste as far as ozone goes.

We include some organic peppermint essential oil to help with the taste and scent. We have others like cinnamon, orange, lemon, oregano, clove, etc. that can be added by request. These will come with peppermint unless otherwise requested.

The organic sunflower oil used in this formula was ozonated for 21 continuous days before being bottled.

Oxygenated oils boost the antimicrobial content by having a peroxide effect on the teeth. The fats in organic oils are converted into oxygen through the ozonating process. This cleansing effect combined with a fat-soluble vitamin and mineral content helps create the environment needed for teeth to remineralize.

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