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Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Ozonated Magnesium Skin Food

Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Ozonated Magnesium Skin Food


Using nearly half our homemade magnesium oil instead of water in the base, this thick and creamy skin food also utilizes Arnica Butter as well as every single essential oil we have that is recommended for pain, inflammation, circulation, bruising and many other ailments!

The recipe is as follows:

1 tbsp organic flaxseed oil

1 tbsp organic sesame seed oil

1 tbsp organic sweet almond oil

1 tbsp organic ozonated extra-virgin olive oil

1 tbsp organic ozonated evening primrose oil

2 tbsp organic ozonated hemp seed oil

2 tbsp organic ozonated coconut oil

1 tbsp organic arnica butter

1 tsp organic ucuuba butter

2 tbsp organic candelilla wax

9 tbsp magnesium oil (made with pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride)

1/8 tsp borax (dissolved into the magnesium solution before blending)

Essential oils

In one saucepan, heat the non-ozonated oils, arnica butter, coconut oil and wax until just mixed together. Remove from heat. In another saucepan mix the magnesium oil and borax until just blended and remove from heat. After cooled a bit, add the ozonated oils into the butter and wax blend and mix well. When almost beginning to cool into a salve consistency, pour it into a glass blender. Turn on low. Through the hole in the top of the blender lid, pour the magnesium oil mixture. Using a silicone spatula, mix it all together well turning it on and off as needed. When it is a nice, creamy texture begin to add your essential oils. I use at least 6 drops of each oil and usually at least 12 of the more popular oils I purchase in bulk like the mints, frankincense, lavender, etc. When it is mixed well pour into glass jars and store in a cool place.

This recipe makes about 12-13 ounces of skin food.

The essential oil blend for these cannot be customized...only added to.

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