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Ozonated Coconut Oil

Ozonated Coconut Oil


This is one of our most multipurpose products. We take pure, organic coconut oil and ozonate it with a cold-plasma ozone generator, built according to Nikola Tesla's patented design. The third oxygen molecule in ozone is reactive and bonds to the essential fatty acids in the coconut oil to create a new molecular structure known as C10H18O3. The ozone stabilizes in the oil, providing both the benefits of ozone and coconut oil together in a wonderful product!

We also have 8oz amber glass jars available at a discounted price. Please message me for a custom listing! :)

PLEASE NOTE: Etsy takes a 6.5% (12% from ads) fee, plus a 3% (+$.25) for each order for a processing fee, plus $.20 per listing. We pay shipping costs to offer free domestic shipping on all our items.
All of these fees on this platform have been passed onto the customer. If you want to avoid paying these please seek our products on other platforms.

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