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Iodine & 79 Mineral Remineralizing Swish

Iodine & 79 Mineral Remineralizing Swish


We made a remineralizing rinse!

Customers often ask us what they're missing from their oral care regimen.
After years of studying and trial and error for what works best for us, we kept recommending certain mineral and Iodine supplements so often, that we started making a rinse!

This blend contains 79 different trace minerals and Iodine to give your teeth all the strength and building blocks they need!

We use this by the dropper full directly on affected teeth or blended into water to swish, then swallow or spit (whichever you prefer!)

PLEASE NOTE: Etsy takes a 6.5% (12% from ads) fee, plus a 3% (+$.25) for each order for a processing fee, plus $.20 per listing. We pay shipping costs to offer free domestic shipping on all our items.
All of these fees on this platform have been passed onto the customer. If you want to avoid paying these please seek our products on other platforms.

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