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Face & Ass Wipes (40ct)

Face & Ass Wipes (40ct)


This new product was created by a special request for a good organic cleansing pad that can be used on the face for things like acne and also on the other end for things like hemorrhoids!

So, naturally...we called them our Face & Ass Wipes.

I also have labels that say "Heads & Tails Wipes" for those that would prefer their product not have the word Ass on it. :)

There are also wooden labels available for this product that say "Heads & Tail Wipes."

These 40 organic cotton rounds are dipped in a blend of ozonated olive oil gel, aloe vera gel, organic witch hazel, Bragg's apple cider vinegar and a blend of essential oils (if requested). For Hemorhhoids, we have what we call our Bum Blend of organic Lavender, Peppermint, Clove, Tea Tree, Cypress, Myrtle and Dill Weed essential oils. These can be ordered plain or with any essential oil blend you choose! Any of the base ingredients may also be omitted, by request, as these are all made customized fresh to order.

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