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1oz Anti-Aging Copper Peptide Collagen Boost Face Serum

1oz Anti-Aging Copper Peptide Collagen Boost Face Serum


This new product has been an instant favorite in our shop and our first batch sold out within the first 8 hours after being posted!

Each ingredient in this formula has been carefully researched before being selected and mixed into this luxurious facial oil!

We've included a base of organic sweet almond, avocado, hemp seed, grape seed, evening primrose, jojoba and castor oils mixed with our own Carbon-60 olive oil made with organic olive oil and a special blend of organic essential oils.

The essential oil blend includes helichrysum, geranium rose, calendula, rose, juniper berry, frankincense, sweet orange, grapefruit, tea tree, lemon, black pepper, geranium, peppermint and blue chamomile. All of these are certified organic.

We've also added a special blend of Retinol, Vitamin C, D3, K2, Hyaluronic Acid and BioFerment Copper Peptide Powder.

We customize and make everything fresh. Please let us know if you would like anything omitted or added! We will include our wood vinyl labels unless the recycled kraft ones are requested.

We are prohibited from listing the individual benefits of these ingredients here, but we encourage you to research them, they are amazing!!

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