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4oz Monoatomic Colloidal Gold

4oz Monoatomic Colloidal Gold

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$30.00Sale Price

Studies have shown that Nano Ionic Colloidal Gold works as a super conductor for your brain improving the transmission of nerve impulses. It has been documented being used as early as the Ancient Egyptian Era to counteract anxiety and fear disorders, Immunity, emotional stability, increased concentration, cognitive function, mood enhancement as well as mental, physical, and spiritual performance and well being. Many people also use it to aid in digestion, anti-inflammatory properties, regulation circulatory function and heart function. Due to its ability to act directly on cells it has has a strong antioxidant action which make its an excellent anti-aging solution. It is also know for its regenerating function on the skin making it excellent for scarring, blemishes, acne marks etc.. Nano Ionic Colloidal Gold can improve the absorption of various elements like vitamin A, magnesium, oxygen, vitamin D, phosphorus, and B vitamins.


*Our Nano Ionic Colloidal Gold is always made fresh to order with .9999 Pure Gold rods for 72+ hours with distilled demineralized water. We absolutely DO NOT provide a product made with Agua Regia or a Gold Chloride solution and never will.

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