Chamomile flower or Matricaria chamomillia is a vibrant annual known for it's benefical soothing properties. Chamomile is often found in lotions or tea recipes that promote restful sleep and relaxation . Referenced in traditional folklore; some common preperations were teas, compresses, sitzbahs, inhalations, gargles, or baths. It may also support digestive and respiratory health. Commonly found in henna or hair dye mixtures it's also been said that chamomile has a magical ability to attract money. Chamomile flower is also known as mayweed, German chamomile, Hungarian chamomile, sweet false chamomile, or true chamomile. Our chamomile flower powder is milled from organic Matricaria chamomillia blossoms.

Chamomile Flower Powder

  • Matricaria chamomilla, Daisy family