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Unicorn Poo Handcrafted Ozonated

Unicorn Poo Handcrafted Ozonated


This is my children's favorite sunscreen! They wanted something with some sun protection AND sparkles, so we made a natural sunscreen with mica powders and non-nano zinc oxide.

It's in a base similar to our regular skin foods with ozonated hemp seed, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, jojoba, olive and coconut oils, mango butter, ucuuba butter, candelilla wax, aloe vera gel (we used to use distilled water, but it works better with aloe in its place!), borax, trace minerals, non-nano zinc oxide, mica mineral powders and frankincense essential oil.

Any item can be omitted or substituted upon request (except for the borax, 1/48 of a teaspoon is in each 2oz jar to bind the oils and water solutions together).
A little goes a long way with all of our products since we don't use fillers or bulk up the volume with water solutions like some other companies do.
One of these jars usually lasts all three of my kids about a month to six weeks with regular use on their face and arms.

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