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1oz Pure Mineral Powder Tooth Polish

1oz Pure Mineral Powder Tooth Polish


This is our bestselling pure mineral powder tooth polish in a 1oz amber glass jar with a metal lid.

There is a paper barrier between the metal and the powder so it won't deactivate the negative charge of the powder from the bentonite clay.

Made with Calcium Bentonite Clay, Di Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Powder, Trace Minerals.

This product has been requested by a few of our customers that already use our tooth products. Some of them with really sensitive teeth or severe decay wanted a pure mineral tooth polish blend. The primary mineral teeth are composed of is called hydroxyapatite, a crystalline form of calcium phosphate. This is why nearly half this mineral blend is composed of di-calcium phosphate sourced from the earth instead of bones, so it's vegan. This tooth polish can be used alone with water or added to any toothcare regimen to boost the remineralizing effects.

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